The iPhone Book (Covers iPhone 3G, Original iPhone, and iPod Touch)

The iPhone Book (Covers iPhone 3G, Original iPhone, and iPod Touch)

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The first edition of qThe iPhone Bookq was chosen by Amazon's editors as their Computer/Technology Book of the Year. This new version of the book, totally updated and expanded for the 3G iPhone, was chosen by Amazon as one of their qTop 10 Must-Have Booksq in their annual list of the most qgift-worthyq books of the holiday season. Here's why this book has become such a hit with iPhone users around the world: it's not a a€œTell-me-all-about-ita€ book, which has in-depth discussions on everything from wireless network protocols to advanced compression codes. Instead it's a a€œshow-me-how-to-do-ita€ book, that skips all the confusing techno-jargon and just tells you, in plain simple English, exactly how to use the iPhone features you want to use most. The booka€™s layout is brilliant, with each page covering just one single topic, so finding the information you need is quick and easy, with a large full-color photo on each page so you can see exactly how it works. In this book, you'll learn: a€c How to set up and manage your email the right way from the start a€c How to take advantage of the iPhone's Web features (including important tips that help you avoid frustration, and get you where you want to go fast!) a€c How to download and install applications from Apple's online App Store a€c The key trouble-shooting tips you've got to know a€c How to get your favorite photos onto your iPhone, tips for using its built-in camera, and how to make the most of the iPhone's surprisingly powerful photo features a€c The tips you've got to know to use your iPhone's built-in iPod features, including watching videos, podcasts, TV shows and movies (you're going to amazed at some of the cool things you can do) a€c How to use the iPhone's built-in applications to organize your life (you'll learn things in this chapter you didn't know the iPhone could do!) a€c The top 20 tips for the iPhone's phone feature that will make you fall in love with it (you'll never want to use any other phone again) a€c Plus so much more, including a special bonus chapter called qiPhone Killer Tipsq where you'll learn those hidden secrets that you'll be passing on to your iPhone friends (and they will be amazed!). The iPhone Book is from Scott Kelby, the award-winning author of the smash bestseller, The iPod Book, who teams up once again with gadget guru, and iPhone authority, Terry White to put together a book that is an awful lot like the iPhone itselfa€”simple to use and fun to learn. In this major update to the book, Scott and Terry added even more tips, more tricks, and made it even easier by focusing on just the most useful and most requested features (without all the techno-babble) so you can start really using your iPhone today! BONUS VIDEO: The authors put together a special in-depth video just for readers of the book where they not only share their favorite iPhone accessories, but they share even more of those hidden little time-saving tips that can make all the difference in the world. If you've been waiting for a book that focuses on just the most important, most useful, and most fun stuff about your iPhonea€”youa€™ve found it.If you have an iPhone 3G, youa#39;re probably wondering if it really is faster than EDGE networks. One way to ... however, I can never remember the name of the website, so I have it bookmarked in my iPhone Bookmarks in an iPhone folder. ... You can even make it a Web clip on your Home screen to have one-tap access to it.

Title:The iPhone Book (Covers iPhone 3G, Original iPhone, and iPod Touch)
Author:Scott Kelby, Terry White
Publisher:Peachpit Press - 2009-03-06


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