The Iron Chain

The Iron Chain

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When Leonardo Pegasus, Court Magician, created the Multiple Empathy Engine - a device that enabled the viewer to see the entire world - his reward was to lose his job, his home and nearly his life. But now Leonardo's invention has been taken up by the government of the Land, who will use it as the ultimate communication - and espionage - device. Soon there will be a Multiple Empathy Network... and even the King will have one. Yet when Leonardo built his machine he also unwittingly conjured something else... a malevolent spirit of science and shadow that danced in the depths of the Empathy Engine. When there was but one machine, the creature was contained. Now there's a Network - and the spirit is loose in the Land.Legends of the Land Book Two Steve Cockayne. Two: ROGER. THE. BLIND. The Royal Digest ofAffairs and Events: Volume 5 (in the Second Year of the Rule of King Matthew) The Diary of Miss Garamond ... We are delighted towelcome Mister Considine tothe offices of TheRoyal Digest, and we most warmly thank Kinganbsp;...

Title:The Iron Chain
Author:Steve Cockayne
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2015-03-05


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