The Jethro Sirius Experiment

The Jethro Sirius Experiment

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a€œJethro Sirius is a€˜Star Warsa€™ meets a€˜Harry Pottera€™ meets a€˜The Rolling Stonesa€™ all rolled into one big, giant, intergalactic space burrito!a€ a€”DARCY G. O F THE DARCY G. SHOW! When their parents, who happen to be in one of the biggest rock bands in the known universe, go missing while on an inter-galactic tour, four young aliens decide to pick up where their parents left off and form their own band, a€˜The Jethro Sirius Experimenta€™. Left to their own devices including a Space Bus equipped with its own water park and aided by the shipa€™s computer, Libby, the band sets out on an epic adventure of universal proportions. Having decided to masquerade as their parenta€™s band and continue on with the tour while at the same time searching for their missing parents, the young alien rockers soon find out that the Universe is both a wonderful and dangerous place full of giant Space Slugs, plant people, bounty hunters, Monsturds, slave traders, space goblins and an evil maniacal ego obsessed villain that looks like a furry pink bunny rabbit. Jethro Sirius is a wildly amusing sci-fi adventure story that will engage your inner rockstar and leave you wishing you had a guitar in your hands.24 a€œFunny you should ask, a€ retorted Seth, then bragging, a€œI simply downloaded the holographic instruction manual from Libby and she ... Bettee enthusiastically snatched the remote control from Seth and ran off to complete his mission.

Title:The Jethro Sirius Experiment
Author:Trevor Mason
Publisher:iUniverse - 2011-01-31


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