The John Varley Reader

The John Varley Reader

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From the moment John Varley burst onto the scene in 1974, his short fiction was like nothing anyone else was writing. His stories won every award the science fiction field had to offer, many times over. His first collection, The Persistence of Vision, published in 1978, was the most important collection of the decade, and changed what fans would come to expect from science fiction. Now, The John Varley Reader gathers his best stories, many out of print for years. This is the volume no Varley fan-or science fiction reader-can do without.I loved it so much that for years I resisted the enthusiastic endorsements of friends who had these infernal machines called aquot;word processors.aquot; Heck ... After a few years, when everybody I knew owned a computer, I even wrote a silly little story called aquot;The Unprocessed Word, aquot; pointing out the perils of ... For these times you consulted an instruction manual the size of the Manhattan phone book, written in Sanskrit. ... You could get any color you wanted in a screen, so long as it was green.

Title:The John Varley Reader
Author:John Varley
Publisher:Penguin - 2004-09-07


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