The Just Right Home

The Just Right Home

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Thirty-seven million Americans move during any given year. Millions more think about it. They all want the same thinga€”a perfect place to live. But most of us have only the vaguest idea of what makes us happy, home-wise, and dona€™t even know all the questions to ask. Thata€™s where Marianne Cusato comes in. One of the most influential people in the home-building industry, designer of the Katrina Cottages, and go-to authority for the media on issues related to housing, shea€™s written a comprehensive, interactive guide to finding the just right home. This is the book that answers the plea she hears every time she gives a speecha€”a€œI wish Ia€™d talked to you before buying my house!a€ By leading the reader through every step of choosing a homea€”from the broad strokes, such as city vs. suburb and buy vs. rent, to specific details of energy use and building materialsa€”The Just Right Home helps readers understand not only what they want in a home but what they need. It shows why proximitya€”to work, to stores, to schoolsa€”trumps location, and what the difference means. Why a propertya€™s live-in value is greater than its resale value. How to identify and assess the big three variables: function, cost, delight. How to get a realistic grip on budget, including factoring in maintenance costs. How to plan for future needsa€”children moving out, a parent moving in, or just growing old in a home. Why all square feet are not created equal. The ins and outs of zonings, covenants, home-owner associations. The five elements to look for when walking through a property. How much to pay an inspector. And so much more. Filled with sidebars, boxes, examples, anecdotes, and cheat sheets, ita€™s the book that helps readers answer all their questions about where to live and what to live in.Between 2007 and 2011, home values plunged more than a third. Some mara€” ... Up and Down Credit Then: Credit scores were practically irrelevant. A subprime ... In 2006, 9 percent of home loans went to people with credit scores below 600.

Title:The Just Right Home
Author:Marianne Cusato
Publisher:Workman Publishing - 2013-04-12


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