The K53 Yard Test Made Easy

The K53 Yard Test Made Easy

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Comprehensive and Accurate Modules Include: A˜ The Exterior and Interior Pre-trip Inspection A˜ The Instrument Panel and Starting Procedure A˜ The Moving off Procedure a€“ Including the Use of: Mirrors, Blind Spot a Signal Sequences a€c Accelerator a€c Gears a€c Footbrake a€c Parking Brake a€c Steering Wheel A˜ Clutch Control A˜ Alley Docking A˜ Parallel Parking A˜ Three Point Turn A˜ Incline Start A˜ All the reasons for failing in the yard. Students who used these Day-Star Driver Training Modules typically scored zero penalty points in the yard when they passed the K53 Yard Test.A Practical Guide for Learner Drivers Brian Visagie. 3. Battery Light (is usually a red light) The battery light indicates the charging state of the alternator. If the battery light is on ... If the oil level in the engine is full and the oil light is on it would mean that the oil pump or the oil switch is faulty. The oil light should also ... The brakes and the power steering draws vacuum off the engine. If you switch the engineanbsp;...

Title:The K53 Yard Test Made Easy
Author:Brian Visagie
Publisher:Brian Visagie - 2014-08-18


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