The Knot of Isis

The Knot of Isis

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Modern-day novel, Victorian mystery, 'The Knot of Isis' is both. The riddle of an old family book sets off an unexpected series of events for Martin Farrant, a young man on a summer visit to Sweden. There he meets a lovely girl, but will romance work out for him? Meanwhile, as one circumstance leads to another, he gains access to the journal of his Victorian ancestor, Conroy Farrant, the a€˜black sheep of the familya€™, and learns of his involvement with the mysterious Elvina Hartwood. Why does she seek the ancient amulet? What is the secret of the a€˜Knot of Isisa€™?Back at theflat he occupied himself with rereading Conroya#39;s journal and with renewed study ofthe Swedenborg book, but was ... whata#39;s it calleda€“ the parent company a€“ theya#39;re based in London, and they told me that there are opportunities to get work there. ... The call finished and Martin made a little leap on the pavement.

Title:The Knot of Isis
Author:Chrid McGordon - 2014-11-07


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