The Last Polar Bear

The Last Polar Bear

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Scientists agree that by the end of this century the polar bear will be the first mammal threatened with extinction due to climate change. qThe Last Polar Bearq is the first book to fully document that story.The continued survival of these magnificent white bears in their warming, and melting, Arctic world is uncertain, yet their fate is also a wake-up call compelling us to act now to stem global warming. Through Steven Kazlowski's unparalleled imagery, the most critical environmental issue of our time is brought to life.qThe Last Polar Bearq places the reality of climate change in our hands. We see the plight of the polar bear, an animal already feeling the detrimental effects of our reliance on fossil fuels, as its icy habitat melts.Over the course of the last six years, wildlife photographer Steven Kazlowski has photographed the polar bear in its wild habitat, from Hershel Island in Canada to Point Hope in Alaska. qThe Last Polar Bearq pairs his intimate images with anecdotes about his Arctic adventures, as well as authoritative essays about the polar bear in the context of climate change.Alaska based writers Richard Nelson, Charles Wohlforth, Nick Jans, and leading USGS polar bear biologist Steven C. Amstrup draw on decades of experience in the Arctic to cover the biological, cultural, and anthropological aspects of climate change. Dan Glick, long-time correspondent for qNewsweekq, addresses the history of climate change while Frances Beinecke, president of the Natural Resources Defence Council, and Theodore Roosevelt IV offer perspectives on activism and politics.Up until 2005, my 35mm camera equipment included a Nikon F100 and an N90S as a backup. I made the ... (used quite a lot for wildlife), 500mm f4 manual, 105mm f2.8 (macro lens for flowers), 12-24mm f4 wide-angle lens, and a 28- 70mm.

Title:The Last Polar Bear
Author:Steven Kazlowski, Theodore Roosevelt
Publisher:Braided River - 2008


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