The Law of Armed Conflict

The Law of Armed Conflict

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The Law of Armed Conflict: International Humanitarian Law in War introduces law students and undergraduates to the law of war in an age of terrorism. What law of armed conflict/international humanitarian law applies to particular armed conflicts? Does that law apply to terrorists as well? What is the status of participants in an armed conflict? What constitutes a war crime? What is a lawful target and how are targeting decisions made? What are rules of engagement? What weapons are lawful and unlawful, and why? This text takes the reader through these essential questions of the law of armed conflict and international humanitarian law to an awareness of finer points of battlefield law. The U.S.-weighted text incorporates lessons from many nations and includes hundreds of cases from jurisdictions worldwide.a€œIn the judgments rendered so far, the ad hoc Tribunals [the ICTY and the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR)] have used an objective test ... On a September 1966 night during the U.S.a€“Vietnam War, a nine-man patrol entered the Vietnamese hamlet of Xuan Gnoc (2). ... He was sentenced to confinement at hard labor for life.47 Were his acts war crimes, and what facts indicate the answer?

Title:The Law of Armed Conflict
Author:Gary D. Solis
Publisher:Cambridge University Press - 2010-02-15


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