The Law of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Invention

The Law of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Invention

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Law of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Invention, Fourth Edition is the only resource that covers both patent and nonpatent protection for chemical and pharmaceutical inventions, including: Fundamentals and Protection Eligibility Utility Patent Claims Design Patents Eligibility of Genetic Engineering Inventions Nonpatent Eligibility and Protection Enforcement of Patent Rights Infringement Defenses: Noninfringement, Invalidity, Unenforceability This unique, comprehensive two-volume reference, clarifies the concepts and processes surrounding both patent and nonpatent protection. It includes extensive use of diagrams of chemical structures to eliminate confusion. And it directly quotes case law to make necessary points and provide legal accuracy--rather than interpretation. You'll find full and clear explications on: Patent basis and terms Nonpatent protection The exhaustion doctrine Extension, infringement, remedies And more! Law of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Invention, Fourth Edition is invaluable for its analysis of patent and nonpatent protection alone. But it is also the only single resource to deliver guidance on all of these important topics: Managing litigation expenses and obtaining reliable litigation insurance Extending your patent life through the filing of provisional patent applications Securing design patents to protect your brand Understanding the exhaustion doctrine and its implications Determining whether your patent is part of a standard-setting organizationThere is no dispute that this highly popular feature is a significant source of consumer demand for the iPhone 4S. ... It points to evidence showing that the functionality of Siri depends in part on unified search, and that consumers often use Siri in ways that include looking for information. Apple further asserts that the unified search feature in Siri is the one disclosed in the a#39;604 patent, and that the claimedanbsp;...

Title:The Law of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Invention
Author:Jerome Rosenstock
Publisher:Aspen Publishers Online - 2012


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