The Layperson's Guide to Exercise, Diet & Supplements

The Layperson's Guide to Exercise, Diet & Supplements

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We instinctively know that exercise, eating the right things, and taking vitamins sustains our health, maintains our youth, and offers a sense of wellbeing. Traditional fitness publications do a great job telling you what to do, but lack any explanation as to the why and how. They offer a map to youth by micromanaging your diet, exercise and or supplements. You blindly follow their lead in expectation of finding your fountain of youth through their training. Every body is different, which is why one map may work for one person, but not another; maybe it failed you, so you try another. What you may not realize is that although they offer step by step instruction to find the fountain, they are not teaching you how to read the map. Although the map is the same, the directions are different for each of us to find the fountain of youth. The difference between the layperson and expert is their ability to read the map as a whole; that map is our anatomy. That cartography lesson is learned by teaching you how exercise, diet and supplements work rather than being told what in the same to follow. At the end of the lesson, you may now understand that your journey may require parts of many methods, rather than the single direction of one. The author shares his own journey as he teaches you how to read the map, so you understand how one has successfully read the map to discover his fountain of youth.As to what type of fat is most easily burned, omega-3 based fats, which is why foods rich in mono- and poly-saturated fats ... but it will also cause a mess to the environment as well as inside any engine, causing carbon deposits and residue.

Title:The Layperson's Guide to Exercise, Diet & Supplements
Author:Daniel J. Shamy
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2013-04


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