The Learning Tree

The Learning Tree

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The Learning Tree offers a new understanding of learning problems. Rather than looking just at symptoms, this new approach describes how to find the missing developmental steps that cause these symptoms. The best solution to the problem comes from knowing what essential skills to strengthen. Using the metaphor of a tree, Dr. Stanley Greenspan explains that the roots represent how children take in the world through what they hear, see, smell, and touch. The trunk represents thinking skills through which children grow both academically and socially. From these, the branchesa€”childrena€™s basic abilities to read, write, do math, and organize their worka€”develop. Both parents and early learning professionals will especially welcome the sections on finding and solving learning problems early. With Dr. Greenspana€™s characteristic wise optimism, this book a€œraises the ceilinga€ for all children who learn differently or with difficulty.In this way, an incomprehensible essay question on a subject unfamiliar to the child becomes a confused essay ... Certainly in higher grades, but even in Erica#39;s seventh-grade class, children dona#39;t usually have free choice of essay topics.

Title:The Learning Tree
Author:Stanley I. Greenspan, Nancy Thorndike Greenspan, Richard Lodish
Publisher:Da Capo Press - 2010


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