The Left Behind Collection

The Left Behind Collection

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All 12 books in the New York Times bestselling series! Over 63 million copies sold! Are you ready for the moment of truth?Mass disappearancesPolitical crisisEconomic crisisWorldwide epidemicsEnvironmental catastropheMilitary apocalypseAnd thata€™s just the beginning . . . of the end of the world. a€œThis is the most successful Christian-fiction series ever.a€ a€”Publishers Weekly a€œTim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins . . . are doing for Christian fiction what John Grisham did for courtroom thrillers.a€ a€”Time a€œCombines Tom Clancya€“like suspense with touches of romance, high-tech flash, and biblical references.a€ a€”New York Times a€œWildly populara€”and highly controversial.a€ a€”USA Today a€œCall it what you like, the Left Behind series . . . now has a label its creators could have never predicted: blockbuster success.a€ a€”Entertainment Weekly Contains the following titles: #1: Left Behind #2: Tribulation Force #3: Nicolae #4: Soul Harvest #5: Apollyon #6: Assassins #7: The Indwelling #8: The Mark #9: Desecration #10: The Remnant #11: Armageddon #12: Glorious AppearingI would accuse him of making this up, but we both know he is not.a€ That afternoon David received a memo from Leon, asking that the metal detectors destroyed in the airplane be replaced a€œbefore His Excellency appears in public again.

Title:The Left Behind Collection
Author:Tim LaHaye, Jerry B. Jenkins
Publisher:NavPress - 2014-09-26


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