The Levinson Report

The Levinson Report

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This book uses the satirical form to skewer a multiplicity of targets ranging from American foreign policy in the Middle East to self-improvement hucksterism. Specifically, the book is divided into four parts that contain 33 exceptionally brilliant essays. Please note that reading these essays may cause your mind to expand and your nervous system to register feelings of enjoyment. However, do not be alarmed if you experience these effects. They are rarely long lasting and real life is the perfect antidote. The Levinson Report proves that imagination is more important than knowledge. Albert Einstein, scientist Ita€™s a tale told by idiots, full of sound and fury signifying nothing. Just kidding. William Shakespeare, writer I love this book. Lot of great insight and plenty of yucks. Mission accomplished, Marty! George W. Bush, moron I vant to be alone, with The Levinson Report. Ita€™s fantastic! Greta Garbo, actress This book made my day. Clint Eastwood, actor I laughed so hard I almost plotzed. To tell you the truth I did plotz. Dona€™t let on to the Arab street. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, lunatic dictator This book is better than steroids, whatever they are. Barry Bonds, baseball player The Levinson Report: one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. Neil Armstrong, astronaut Martin H. Levinson brings over 40 years of experience to his role of chronicler of the human comedy. A prolific writer and an astute observer of featherless bipeds, he believes times like these demand satire.Jonathan Swift was one of the greatest English satirists, and oneof the first to practice modern journalistic satire. His most famous satirical essay, A Modest Proposal, features the notion that poorparents be encouraged to selltheir own childrenanbsp;...

Title:The Levinson Report
Author:Martin H. Levinson
Publisher:iUniverse - 2010-03-29


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