The Liberal Manifesto

The Liberal Manifesto

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AMERICA HAS REACHED AN UNPRECEDENTED TIME IN HISTORY WITH THE SAFETY, LIBERTY, AND PROSPERITY OF EVERY AMERICAN IN JEOPARDY. The moral fabric of America and the individual liberty of Americans continue to suffer unrelenting attacks. In his definitive new book, The Liberal Manifesto, Frank S. Smith presents a convincing case that America's decline is due to the unsustainable nature of the liberal ideology and a hidden agenda behind the liberal movement. He provides numerous examples of past and present efforts by liberal elites to manufacture circumstances and manipulate American ideals to conform to expectations that are unsustainable. These examples substantiate their abuse of power, breaking of laws, and socialistic efforts to precipitate an environment that is forcing Americans to become dependent on, and submissive to, government control. The Liberal Manifesto identifies six Convenience Doctrines (philosophies developed for the sake of convenience) that characterize the pretense of the liberal movement, and the motive behind each one. It shows how these philosophies, which appeal to the emotions of unwitting Americans, are spurious and unsustainable. The evidence in this book suggests that the more liberalism prevails, the more Americans will suffer. From socialist and communist parallels to the unsustainable nature of big government, The Liberal Manifesto illustrates the source of the problem. Thomas Jefferson advocated for a broadly educated citizenry because he believed that well-informed citizens qare the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.q If Americans wish to retain America's exceptionalism it will require citizens getting informed and getting involved.nearly half of all purchases made with government credit cards as improper, fraudulent, or embezzled.12 A Reuters report on ... 13 Government oversight of education has led to Americaa#39;s educational inferiority in comparison with educationalanbsp;...

Title:The Liberal Manifesto
Author:Frank S. Smith
Publisher:THE LIBERAL MANIFESTO - 2012-08-28


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