The Lie Detection Manual

The Lie Detection Manual

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This book will enable you to determine whether or not someone is lying to you. Contains over 60 axioms or guidelines that put your subject through the gauntlet. From FBI Agent to Housewife, you need to read this book. After you do, you will never look at the NEWS, political speeches, or anything that the government tells you in the same light. Conceived in an environment of pathological liars, this book takes qcommon senseq to a new level. Some deceptions are very subtle and nefarious, and some deceptions are your own conclusions - which you arrive at by the design of the liar - or government - which tells you only what will lead you to believe their lies... punishment is not, nor will it ever be the solution to the problems we have; in fact, statistics show that (criminal) recidivism rates are 80% or higher, nationwide. ... Recognize that instant gratification is like a cash advance on a credit card drawn on the John Gotti World Bank of Karma. If the loan is not paid immediately, it is likely that you wona#39;t be able to afford the a€œmonthly paymentsa€ or the a€œlate chargesa€.

Title:The Lie Detection Manual
Author:David Todeschini - 2006-02


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