The Life Lottery

The Life Lottery

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ONE HUNDRED DAYS TO SAVE THE WORLD But in saving the world, will they destroy it? The Third Edition (revised and updated) of this disturbingly realistic thriller from bestselling Australian author and environmental scientist Ian Irvine. Half a billion climate refugees are flooding into the West, the global depression is worsening and democracies are being crushed by the neo-fascist Yellow Armbands. In a desperate attempt to avert catastrophe, the Great Powers embark on the most monumental gamble of all time. Climate scientist Irith Hardey is sure they've got it wrong a€“ the US President's pet scheme isn't going to save the planet, but ruin it. Searching for the awful truth behind the Hundred Days project, she is hunted from blizzard-struck London to the Scottish Highlands and across the wild North Sea. In a USA terrorised by gun-toting militias trying to bring down the President, Irith confronts the worst nightmare any 21st century woman can face, as she struggles to uncover the ghastly secret of the Life Lottery before the hundred days are up. Disastrous climate change causes economic collapse in The Life Lottery a€“ Book Three in the eerily prophetic Human Rites Trilogy from bestselling author and environmental scientist Ian Irvine. Praise for THE LIFE LOTTERY 'Irvine surpasses himself in his intricate portrayal of the impacts of climate change on people and the planet ... impossible to put down.' Sydney Morning Herald. qThe action-packed plot of doomsday cults and planetary collapse isn't far from the truth.q The Times (London) qA chilling suspense story set against a backdrop of 21st Century environmental depletion and cultural degeneration. Portrays a frighteningly plausible future.q US Library Journal.The Nissan was further, by the circuitous route Bragg would have to take. ... Levi turned his laptop screen down as far as it would go and stretched out the scanner aerials, then lay on his back on the wet ... one eye again, pointed the pencil torch down the valley and began to flick the switch, signalling a€œBragga€ in Morse code.

Title:The Life Lottery
Author:Ian Irvine
Publisher:Santhenar Trust - 2015-11-21


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