The Limits of Criminal Law

The Limits of Criminal Law

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This book compares the civil and common law approach to analyze the question a€“ 'What sorts of conduct may the state legitimately make criminal?'. Through a comparative focus on an Australian and German context, this book utilizes interviews with Australian criminal law experts and contrasts them with the German model based on 'Rechtsgutstheorie'. By comparing the largely descriptive, criminology-based Australian approach with the more sophisticated German legal theory model the author finds the Australian approach to be suffering from a 'normative flaw', illustrated by the distinction of different approaches to the offences of incest, bestiality and possession of illicit drugs. Carl Constantin Lauterwein discovers that while there is strength in the common law approach of describing the possible reasons for criminalizing certain conduct, the approach could be significantly improved by scrutinizing the legitimacy of those reasons.If one asks, instead, the jurisprudential question about the legitimate limits of the criminal law, the harm principle provides significant answers to this question. The criminological framework in which the discussion of the harm principle isanbsp;...

Title:The Limits of Criminal Law
Author:Mr Carl Constantin Lauterwein
Publisher:Ashgate Publishing, Ltd. - 2013-02-28


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