The Literary Wittgenstein

The Literary Wittgenstein

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The Literary Wittgenstein is a stellar collection of articles relating the philosophy of Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889-1951) to core problems in the theory and philosophy of literature. Amid growing recognition that Wittgenstein's philosophy has important implications for literary studies, this book brings together twenty-one articles by the most prominent figures in the field. Eighteen of the articles are published here for the first time. The Literary Wittgenstein applies the approach of Wittgenstein to core areas of literary theory, including poetry, deconstruction, the ethical value of literature, and the nature and logic of fictional discourse. The literary dimension of Wittgenstein's own writings is also explored, such as the authorial strategy of the Tractatus, and writing and method in the Philosophical Investigations. Major literary figures discussed in the book include William Faulkner, Joseph Conrad, and Friedrich HAplderlin. By mapping out the foundations of a new approach to literature, The Literary Wittgenstein is essential reading for anyone interested in the relevance and application of Wittgenstein's thought to literary theory, aesthetics, and the philosophy of language and logic.Notice how general the question is. It is not: What makes this or that reading of Hamlet (or this or that application of the Negligence Rule) correct? Critics and lawyers do have answers to these questions, answers which refer to features ofanbsp;...

Title:The Literary Wittgenstein
Author:John Gibson, Wolfgang Huemer
Publisher:Routledge - 2004-03-11


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