The Little Red Box of Management Tools

The Little Red Box of Management Tools

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Discipline. Consistency. Ethics. Straightforward concepts so easily bent. The global economic meltdowna€”including the bankruptcy of two of Detroit's three automakersa€”could have been avoided by using the practices described in The Little Red Box of Management Tools. Instead, many companies violated their implied contract with society and opened the door to massive government intervention. If this intervention continues it may well re-make the U.S. economy in ways that deny its capitalist roots, severely hamper its ability to remain globally competitive, burden succeeding generations with massive public debt, and undercut the lifestyle Americans are accustomed to.TOYATAa#39;S. NORTH. AMERICAN. OPERATIONS. We will become Americaa#39;s most respected and accepted automaker. I hope the context I have provided makes translation unnecessary. A good mission statement should a€œreacha€ toward boldanbsp;...

Title:The Little Red Box of Management Tools
Author:Jim Olson
Publisher:Tate Publishing - 2010-12


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