The Locavore Way

The Locavore Way

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Millions of Americans are rediscovering the pleasures of locally grown food. By eating food grown close to home, they can boost their health, reduce their carbon footprint, support a robust local economy, and enhance their sense of community . . . all while savoring scrumptious, satisfying meals. Ita€™s no wonder that the number of farmersa€™ markets has more than doubled in the last 15 years, and the number of people getting produce straight from the farm has increased almost twentyfold in the same period! But novice locavores can find themselves stumped by basic questions. Whata€™s the best way to shop at a farmersa€™ market? Is it possible to eat locally all year long? And just what does one do with braising greens, anyway? Enter The Locavore Way by Amy Cotler. This friendly guide to eating locally gives readers all the information they need to buy, cook, and eat close to home. Cotler covers all the basics a€” why eat locally, where to find local foods, how to eat locally on a budget, what questions to ask at the farmersa€™ market, and even how to grow onea€™s own food. She offers savvy shopping tips, simple guides to preparing whatever is in season, ideas for bringing out the best flavors in farm-fresh foods, and strategies to make the harvest last. Cotler demystifies local foods for the newcomer and demonstrates how eating within onea€™s own a€œfoodsheda€ is as simple as it is satisfying. The Locavore Way is at once a practical, how-to guide and a celebration of all that is fresh and flavorful. With this handy resource tucked into their canvas market tote, readers will have the information they need to find, select, store, prepare, and preserve the bounty . . . all year long!The Art of the Commonplace: The Agrarian Essays of Wendell Berry. ... Visit their website at: Food, Inc. King Corn Independent Lens, PBS Information onanbsp;...

Title:The Locavore Way
Author:Amy Cotler
Publisher:Storey Publishing - 2009-12-15


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