The Logger's Encyclopedia: A Road to the Past

The Logger's Encyclopedia: A Road to the Past

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Within The Loggera€™s Encyclopedia there lie the brief bios and stories of men who risked their lives and family fortune to build a young nation. Trees were harvested to make the land tillable for farming the crops to feed a growing population of immigrants. Lumber was milled to construct the buildings required for the economic growth of a young nation. Many of these men had made their fortunes in harvesting timber in the Lake States. As an incentive, timberlands were given to pioneering homesteaders at little or no cost. As a business incentive, vast timberlands were granted to railroads to push on to the Pacific Ocean. A young nation, not sure of itself, failed to reforest the logged-off timberlands. My sincere hope is that after reading The Loggera€™s Encyclopedia, authors will be compelled to write the numerous books that lie within these pages.A Wall StreetJournal surveylists beingalogger as the a€œworst job, work instability, poor income andpure dangera€[2004]. ... kindof a rigto haul his stuff...drum of diesel fuel, caseof motor oil, acouple chokers, a couple axes, plus an assortment of repair parts and oil ... In 1949, Archie bought a new Cadillac...a platinum Fleetwood.

Title:The Logger's Encyclopedia: A Road to the Past
Author:Donald Mathew Alanen
Publisher:PublishAmerica - 2008-08-11


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