The Lost City of Alexandria

The Lost City of Alexandria

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Don Robeson is an ex-Navy Seal and archaeologist with the Egyptian Antiquities Council searching for the Lost City of Alexandria. He hits pay dirt when they discover an ancient diadem that may lead to the tomb of Cleopatra. Thata€™s when his troubles begin. Don and his crew become targets of antiquity pirates, the secret police, and even corrupt officials, and these people will stop at nothing to claim the discovery of one of Egypta€™s greatest treasures. When Dona€™s friend Professor Abdul-Clatta is kidnapped along with the diadem, Don knows he must do whatever it takes to get them both back. His dangerous quest leads him from the depths of the Mediterranean to the Catacombs of Alexandria to the great Western Desert. The locals arena€™t any help, and Don realizes he can trust no one in this foreign land. Accompanied by his beautiful companion Kathleen Caulder, Don vows to regain the diadem for the Egyptian people--the only ones who deserve ownership of Cleopatraa€™s tomb. But time is running out. In order to save the life of his friend, Don uses his Navy Seal training to outsmart and out muscle his greedy enemies. Now, only he can rescue the professor and a priceless ancient relic.a€œBeautiful!a€ Kathleen was already snapping pictures with her Nikon D3000. ... a€œ Actually it seated eight hundred with hundreds standing on the outskirts, a€ Don said, reading along with his guide. a€œThere are thirteen tiers set out in this ampitheatre.

Title:The Lost City of Alexandria
Author:George Foster Leal
Publisher:Archway Publishing - 2015-03-13


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