The Love Connection

The Love Connection

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This book is about a journey into the workings of the Soul. The truth about a human being's life purpose and the keys to transform one's life have been discussed and written about for centuries, by many different people, of many different spiritual persuasions. These truths, whilst written in different languages and supported by different religious beliefs, nevertheless have come from the same Divine source, and subsequently are universal truth that when embraced bring forth unified outcomes. In the writing of this book I have harmonized these important Spiritual, Psychological and Philosophical truths, bringing them together to reveal the keys to a holistically successful life, body, mind and Soul. I envisage that by accepting and acting on this truth your life will be quietly transformed, perhaps from one of anxiousness and uncertainty, to one of calm and certainty, which will find you at peace with your past, intensely passionate about your present, and confident and calm about your future.QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS You quite often use the words the Divine, Divinity, Divine Love, Divine Essence and Divine Presence inyour ... For example the word Essence is used in Hindi to describe true nature, the one spiritual being.

Title:The Love Connection
Author:Michael R Mundy - 2015-01-28


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