The MAD/I Manual

The MAD/I Manual

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The report contains the description of the MAD/I language and user's guide for MAD/I in MTS (Michigan Terminal System). The pre-defined MAD/I language, described in the report, is a procedure-oriented algebraic language designed for general-purpose use. It is styled after such languages as ALGOL 60, MAD, and PL/I. MAD/I is also intended as a convenient 'base' language for extension by a definitional facility. The language anticipates the definition (or re-definition) of: data types and structures, statements, operators and operations. The definitional facility itself is not described. The user's guide shows how to compile and run MAD/I programs in MTS. Sample runs are included. There is also a description of a compiler feature which allows assembler code for the IBM 360 to be compiled within a MAD/I program.15^.1 ..2 Assembler Code Format Assembler code instructions are written in much the same manner as in the assembler ... All the machine- instruction operation codes are valid, including the privileged operations, operations unigue to the Model 67, and ... For example, R1 following the declaration a#39;RESERVEa#39; 81; 3.

Title:The MAD/I Manual
Author:Bruce J. Bolas, Allen L. Springer, Ronald J. Srodawa
Publisher:UM Libraries - 1970


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