The Making of a Mother

The Making of a Mother

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What makes a good mother? Are some women just born naturally maternal, or do mothers discover that part of themselves once they have a child? Now a renowned expert on the subjecta€“and herself a mother of threea€“addresses the unspoken worries and fears that accompany motherhood and shares the reassuring message that every mother learns a€œon the job.a€ Dr. Valerie Davis Raskin has worked with more than four hundred mothers in twenty years of clinical practice and has discovered that mothering is just as developmental as childhood. Dr. Raskin identifies the nine challenges facing mothers from their childa€™s infancy to young adulthood, pivotal moments that put mothers to the test time and againa€“and yet from which they can emerge truly rewarded. a€c IDENTITY: How to gain confidence during those overwhelming first months after youa€™ve given birth or adopted, but dona€™t yet a€œfeela€ like a mother. a€c UNLOVING MOMENTS: Every mothera€™s secret guilta€“learn to accept those not-so-precious moments when you dona€™t like the child you love so dearly. a€c HONORING THE FATHER: Tips for helping Dad stop feeling like a third wheel and bond with his child (and receive attention from you!). a€c SEPARATION: How to maintain a positive outlook on your childa€™s milestones, from the first day of preschool to packing him off to sleepaway camp. a€c SETTING LIMITS: How to put your foot down, even when your child kicks, screams, or cries. a€c IMPERFECT INSTITUTIONS: How to cope when your child does not have the best teacher or the most inspiring coach, or faces a less than fair grading system. a€c REVISED DREAMS: Your cute five-year-old in a pink tutu has no rhythm. Your nine-year-old cannot catch a ball. Learn to modify your dreams for your childa€“and follow your childa€™s dreams instead. a€c ADVERSITY: You cana€™t keep your child in a plastic bubble, but you can take a deep breath, relax, and be there for her when life gets tough. a€c SAYING GOODBYE: Discover the joys of loving your adult child while not living under the same roof. This wonderfully anecdotal, engaging, and accessible book is nothing less than an essential training manual for mothers of all ages. The bottom line: Just because motherhood is sometimes difficult, confusing, intense, sleepless, and frustrating, doesna€™t mean mothers arena€™t doing it right! From the Hardcover edition.Overcoming the Nine Key Challenges--from Crib to Empty Nest Valerie Davis Raskin ... having two hours to grocery shop alone, to finally have a daycare program that isna#39;t more complicated than poorly translated bicycle assembly instructions, anbsp;...

Title:The Making of a Mother
Author:Valerie Davis Raskin
Publisher:Ballantine Books - 2008-12-18


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