The Making of the Magnificent Seven

The Making of the Magnificent Seven

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The story behind The Magnificent Seven could have been a movie in itself. It had everything--an actors' strike, a writers' strike, interference by the Mexican government and a row between the screenwriters that resulted in one removing his name from the credits, all under the lingering gloom of post-McCarthy era Hollywood. A flop on release, the film later became a box office hit. This book tells the behind-the-scenes story: how Yul Brynner became the biggest independent producer in Hollywood; why John Sturges was not the first choice after Brynner surrendered the director's chair; why Sturges quit; the truth about the Mirisch Company (producers); the details of the film's botched release and unlikely redemption; the creation of Elmer Bernstein's classic score; and how internecine fighting prevented the making of the television series in 1963. Myths about Steve McQueen, his feud with Brynner and the scene-stealing antics of the cast are debunked. A close examination of the various screenplay drafts and the writers' source material--Akira Kurosawa's Seven Samurai--shows who wrote what. Extensive analysis of Sturges' directorial work is provided.Kiss Kiss, Bang, Bang. London: Marion Boyars, 1970. Kennedy, Burt. Hollywood Trail Boss: Behind the Scenes of the Wild, Wild Westerns. ... New York: St. Martina#39;s Press, 2001. McCarthy, Todd. Howard Hawks: The Grey Fox of Hollywood.

Title:The Making of the Magnificent Seven
Author:Brian Hannan
Publisher:McFarland - 2015-04-27


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