The Math Tutor

The Math Tutor

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Sam Butler thinks his life should be about pastern dermatitis, least common denominators and the sophomore pole vaulter from Slovenia. But it isna€™t. Sam is a retired widower, who lives a quiet, well-ordered life looking after a small herd of off-the-track Thoroughbreds. Ellen Quincy is a home-schooled a€˜tweener, whose family raises chickens on the other side of the highway. Lynda Stratford is a young physics professor from the nearby university. This odd and non-romantic triangle forms in the fall of 2012, and the story follows the three of them for the next six months, a half-year in which Sama€™s life is turned inside-out, profoundly and perhaps forever changed. Ita€™s a story about love and friendship, about loyalty and its breach, about whata€™s lost and whata€™s found. A story about horses, lasers, and a young girl, wondering about life, death and what follows.Steadying himself against her fourwheeler with his left hand and with her under his right arm, he pivoted and got his knees ... a€œOkay, a€ he said, then discovered that she was going to have to start the ignition and shift gears for him in any case.

Title:The Math Tutor
Author:Robert Laurence
Publisher:Sunstone Press - 2015-03-10


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