The Mecca Affair

The Mecca Affair

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Al-Qaeda has a new and deadly secret weapon and only one man can stop them from using it. To fail is not an option; it would mean the end of the West as we know it.His long and tortuous journey to infiltrate al-Qaeda begins in backstreet London mosque and ends in a ferocious and bloody battle on the Pakistan-Afghan border. Can ex Para Alex McCabe, born of mixed parents in Qatar, win or are the odds stacked too high? Maybe if a turned al-Qaeda fighter and the SAS reach him in time, he just might.The pistol was an old Russian Tokarev TT-33, a model with no manual safety catch. It was ready to fire but its hammer was down on the half-cock safe position. McCabe didna#39;t have time to give lessons on it. a€œJust pull the hammer back until itanbsp;...

Title:The Mecca Affair
Publisher:Jack Leyton -


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