The Men of Alcohol

The Men of Alcohol

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Mitchell Roberts' father was a drunk. His fathers' father was a drunk. His mothers' father was a drunk. In the family tradition Mitch was a drunk. Mitchell, however, did something none of the others did. He found recovery. Much to his disappointment he's still knee deep in dysfunction. His ex-wife wants to remarry, and he's not sure he's not really in love with his ex-girl friend. The hole he's dug with twenty-eight years of drinking is not easily escaped. What starts out as a very co-dependent relationship becomes real love, as he learns to form a true partnership with another human being. Mitchell has a lot of challenges to face in recovery, and so far he's making headway, but when life takes something from him that he's not prepared to lose, reality hits him like a freight train. Why go on? Does the answer lie in the gun laying on the little chapel floor? The one brought in by a drunk priest. What is the point to life anyway?Father Ioe Donigan staggered towards his car, a 1994 Ford Taurus. He had two bags in ... He got in, and tried to stick one of the keys in the ignition, but missed, and then dropped them on the floor. a€œShit.a€ He reached up, turned a knob to his right, and numbly realized that was the radio, and not the light switch. He reached anbsp;...

Title:The Men of Alcohol
Author:Michael Reed
Publisher:iUniverse - 2005-10


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