The Metal Detector

The Metal Detector

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Keith Reynolds impulsively buys a secondhand metal detector and uses it during a camping weekend with his wife, sister-in-law and her husband. The discovery by the metal detector and subsequent illicit removal of a handgun from a disused Ministry of Defence (MOD) site, leads to Keith being implicated in the unsolved murder of a senior policeman's brother. The policeman is due for retirement, but has vowed to catch his brother's killer. With only Keith's fingerprints on the gun and the illicit way he smuggled it out of the MOD grounds, Keith has difficulty proving to the police how it came to be in his possession. News of the gun's discovery leads the real killer to try and retrieve it before ballistic testing begins. From here, the thrilling murder mystery becomes a paranormal adventure as The Metal Detector takes some strange and dangerous turns.a€œNo, that would have been useful, a€ Caroline teased. Not being able to restrain herself any longer, she continued. a€œA metal detector.a€ a€œWhat do you want with one of those?a€ Siobhan asked. a€œWell, no particular reason. I just bought it on impulse.

Title:The Metal Detector
Author:Alan Clarke
Publisher:Strategic Book Publishing - 2013-05


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