The Mind and its Stories

The Mind and its Stories

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There are profound, extensive, and surprising universals in literature, which are bound up with universals in emotion. Hogan maintains that debates over the cultural specificity of emotion are misdirected because they have ignored a vast body of data that bear directly on the way different cultures imagine and experience emotion - literature. This is the first empirically and cognitively based discussion of narrative universals. Professor Hogan argues that, to a remarkable degree, the stories people admire in different cultures follow a limited number of patterns and that these patterns are determined by cross-culturally constant ideas about emotion. In formulating his argument, Professor Hogan draws on his extensive reading in world literature, experimental research treating emotion and emotion concepts, and methodological principles from the contemporary linguistics and the philosophy of science. He concludes with a discussion of the relations among narrative, emotion concepts, and the biological and social components of emotion.However, they are crucial to the sense and consequence of lyric poems. Put differently, a lyric poem prototypically involves a focus on a particular emotion ( see, for example, Padgett 111), paired with a particular event or brief sequence of anbsp;...

Title:The Mind and its Stories
Author:Patrick Colm Hogan
Publisher:Cambridge University Press - 2003-09-29


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