The Miracle of Alvito

The Miracle of Alvito

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Why did the town of Alvito, Italy rename its church The Church of the Miracle in World War II? What happens when an airline misplaces a passenger? Is it gambling if therea€™s no risk? Who was the Greatest Romana€”Ever? Whata€™s the easiest way to steal an identity? The author explores these and other questions in this eclectic and fun-filled mix of fiction, science fiction, and historical fiction and fantasy stories.You have new wheels?a€ Alex lovedhisM5 butFred, he noted, was driving a brand new Lexus LS460L, the top of the line. a€œYou like it?Ita#39;s a great car.Igotit throughmyagency and itcosts a bundlea€”about $85K at thecurb withmy dealerdiscount.

Title:The Miracle of Alvito
Author:David H. Brandin
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2008-07-29


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