The Modern American Frugal Housewife Book #3: Moms Edition

The Modern American Frugal Housewife Book #3: Moms Edition

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Are you are new or soon-to-be mommy looking for ideas on how to lower child-rearing costs? Having children is great but they can be expensive if you don't watch your costs. Inspired by Lydia Maria Francis Child's 1833 book, The American Frugal Housewife, this book its written for the MODERN American Frugal Housewife in mind. Includes: Ideas on how to save on pre-natal costs. How to get free or cheap formula if you're not breastfeeding. Reduce your chemical load - Includes recipes on how to make DIY personal care products like soap and lip balm. This book will also teach you extreme couponing techniques to get the best or even money making deals at stores like Target (for food, diapers and more), Staples (for school supplies) and Kohl's (for clothes and household items). Bonus: An extra tip on where you can get BRAND NEW age-appropriate books sent to your child (under age 5) every month for FREE! Wait no longer! Scroll up and order this book today!Kohla#39;s Cash (KC) When Kohla#39;s runs its 15%, 20%, or 30% off promotion, you will also have the chance to earn Kohla#39;s Cash. ... to purchase Kohla#39;s Cares for KidsAr merchandise or other charitable items, to reduce a Kohla#39;s Charge or any third party charge account balance, ... You will not be able to earn any additional Kohla#39;s Cash until you spend an additional $10 (ie $60 including the Kohla#39;s Cash payment).

Title:The Modern American Frugal Housewife Book #3: Moms Edition
Author:Jill b.
Publisher:Jill b. - 2015-04-23


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