The Money Gyaan

The Money Gyaan

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Therea€™s no denying the importance of knowledge in todaya€™s information age. Therea€™s no denying the importance of money in todaya€™s consumption age. The days of limited and assured-return investment options are history. The future belongs to the multitude but market-linked investment opportunities. You are very well aware that you need three things to grow a plant. Consumption too has seen a phenomenal explosion. Not only do we see many new models or varieties within the existing product range, but also innovative products coming into the markets quite regularly. Availability of finance also has not lagged behind. Getting loans at your door-step may appear normal to the todaya€™s younger generation. However, their parents only know how impossible it was to get credit from banks to finance their need and desires. In fact, debt was not only unheard of but also a sacrilege. Today the attitudes have changed so much that borrowing money is considered quite normal. This whole host of investment, borrowing and spending avenues have turned the world of personal finance into a virtual mine-field. One right move and you could multiply your money. But one wrong move and you could end-up in a deep financial mess. Therefore, knowledge has become critical to both successful wealth creation and its management.In addition to IQ (Intelligence Quotient) and EQ (Emotional Quotient), you need to work upon your FQ (Financial Quotient) too. In this book I have covered many areas of your personal finance and endeavoured to present them in a unique and interesting manner. The essays have been divided into five categories viz. * Emotions a€“ acquire mastery over emotional aspects * Elementary a€“ ita€™s all about getting the basics right * Entertainment a€“ learn with a bit of fun element * Education a€“ discern new insights/insights into new products * Enquiry a€“ get answers to some of your everyday queries I am quite hopeful that each of the articles would add value and improve your Financial Quotient, thereby making you more adept and financially savvy.Use this money to pay-off all your high-interest a#39;bada#39; loans. In fact, many times it is seen that people have money in a bank FD (where they earn say 8-10%) and still have credit card debt/personal loan (where they pay anything betweenanbsp;...

Title:The Money Gyaan
Author:Sanjay Matai
Publisher:Sanjay Matai -


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