The Moreau Factor

The Moreau Factor

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A hard-living reporter long past his Pulitzer Prize-winning prime, Chuck Vallone is about to meet a renowned geneticist who needs to clear his conscience. But when Vallone arrives at their rendezvous, he finds the D.C. hotel swarming with government agents. The scientist's room is now a grisly slaughterhouse splattered with blood - but no sign of a body. Vallone knows he has the story of the century, especially when he receives a mysterious package filled with a computer disk and strange samples of DNA. Now he's determined to uncover the truth. But it's no brave new world Vallone will be exploring; rather, a deadly depraved one ruled by preeminent scientists. And this powerful cadre intends to make Vallone both eyewitness and executor of their final ferocious plan...Syzmanski took the gun by the barrel and in his fury struck Mac a hard blow with the handle, but it was clear Mac wasna#39;t hurt all that badly. The man ... On the one hand, it was really wonderful to see the bastard get pasted, probably beyond repair. ... The big mess is water damage from the damned sprinklers, but wea#39;ll cope.

Title:The Moreau Factor
Author:Jack L. Chalker
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2013-02-25


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