The Morning Show Murders

The Morning Show Murders

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BONUS: This edition contains an excerpt from Al Roker and Dick Lochte's The Midnight Show Murders. As famous for his popular cooking segment on Wake Up America! as for his swank Manhattan bistro, Billy Blessing can add prime murder suspect to his impressive list of accomplishments. Because when one of the networka€™s top honchos ends up dead, ita€™s a poisoned serving of Blessinga€™s coq au vin thata€™s to blame. Billy knows hea€™s being framed, but proving it wona€™t be easya€”not with his perky cohost involved in a brass-knuckles contract negotiation, a Mossad agent about to tell all on the air, and a ruthless international assassin arriving in the Big Apple. Now Billy isna€™t so much concerned about staying alive in the ratings . . . as just staying alive. For the closer Billy comes to uncovering an international conspiracy, the closer he comes to being canceleda€”permanently.I turned a light on in the bedroom. Clove Boy had been in there, pulling ... Ia#39;d get the cleanup service to take care of it. I was suddenly struck by the ... eaten my peach pie. Perfect. FOURTEEN When I climbed into the Volvo dirtmobile the next 70.

Title:The Morning Show Murders
Author:Al Roker
Publisher:Delacorte Press - 2009-11-24


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