The Movement Reconsidered

The Movement Reconsidered

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The Movement was the preeminent poetical grouping of post-war Britain. It has also been the source of much controversy. This book, a collection of original essays by distinguished poets, critics, and scholars from Britain and America, complicates the extreme and reductive formulations of defenders and detractors, offering a more balanced assessment of the grouping and of its influence. It provides new accounts not only of the best-known of Movement writers -Philip Larkin, Kingsley Amis, Thom Gunn and Donald Davie - but of less-familiar contemporaries; it examines the intellectual origins of the grouping; the role the writers themselves played in promoting each others' works; the interlocking network of academics, journalists, and editors who aided them; andanalogous developments in other fields, notably philosophy, politics, and language. By testing and complicating common assumptions it encourages readers to come to Movement writing with fresh eyes and to gain a fairer sense of its range and power.Essays on Larkin, Amis, Gunn, Davie and Their Contemporaries Zachary Leader. wartime ... writing in universalizing terms about generalities of human experience . ... That exploitation began with the first flight by a heavierthan-air vehicle.

Title:The Movement Reconsidered
Author:Zachary Leader
Publisher:Oxford University Press - 2009-05-07


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