The Munchies

The Munchies

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What happens when a parasitic fungus cross-breeds with some primo marijuana? Very. Hungry. Zombies. A genre-bending horror comedy from Australian author Richard Carnegie Join young Australian policeman Tim Carlyle as he comes face to face with the strangest of qzombie apocalypsesq. A local biotech company has been working with a strain of the Cordyceps fungus, which is famous for turning hapless ants into qzombiesq before, quite unreasonably, devouring them from the inside. Unfortunately for everyone concerned, on the property next to the biotecha€™s laboratory, local petty criminal Craig Mawson is cultivating a clandestine marijuana crop. When spores from the Cordyceps cross-pollinate with the marijuana, things get bad. Really bad. It starts with Mawson turning into a very stoned zombie who infects his mother Rhonda, who goes on to eat his father Bill, underpants and all. It only goes downhill from there. The infected seem to have The Munchies, but not the kind that can be sated by a packet of Pringles Sour Cream a Chives . Nothing short of actual flesh will suffice for those infected. Fate assembles a motley crew around Tim to help contain the outbreak. From his kind-hearted boss, Sergeant Graham Gibson, to the local naturopath and hippie Janet, to the local right wing military fanatic Dick Kelly - who has, at various times, claimed to be not only ex-SAS but also ex-Navy Seal and ex-French Foreign Legion. Poor Dick is suffering from PTSD because, as he rightly states, once you have gunned down an entire village in an Apache helicopter, you can never be the same again. Can Dick get his head back in the game to help the group survive? Eventually the group realises that it is not just the infected they need to worry about and they will need to draw on all their disparate skills to overcome The Munchies. EƒEƒEƒ A tale of stoned zombies unlike any you have ever read... Grab a copy today before it reverts back to the regular priceaquot;Ita#39;s one of those bullshit new age places where they try to realign your chakras and increase the flow of your chi, aquot; said Beth. ... A panicked middle aged woman wearing a Grateful Deadt-shirt thumped on the window of the car. aquot;Please, let me anbsp;...

Title:The Munchies
Author:Richard Carnegie
Publisher:LTAO Publishing - 2014-07-20


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