The Mycoplasmas V5

The Mycoplasmas V5

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The Mycoplasmas, Volume V: Spiroplasmas, Acholeplasmas, and Mycoplasmas of Plants and Arthropods focuses on existing knowledge and recent development in research on spiroplasmas, acholeplasmas, and other mollicutes of plants and arthropods. Organized into 11 chapters, this volume discusses the nutrition, cultivation, ecology, and molecular and cellular biology of spiroplasmas. Because the occurrence of other mollicutes (mycoplasma and acholeplasma) in plant and arthropod environments is not extensively discussed in other volumes, this volume shows the rapid progress in describing the new mollicutes from arthropods and plant surface that they contaminate. Molecular studies of mollicute phylogeny and plant infections incited by the so-called mycoplasma-like organisms are also presented. This book will provide a comprehensive reference source for all mycoplasmologists and a relevant and exhaustive summary of recent advances in the study of spiroplasmas, acholeplasmas, and mycoplasmas in plant and arthropod hosts for microbiologists, cellular and molecular biologists, plant pathologists, and entomologists.Murdock, L. L., Brookhardt, G., Dunn, P. E., Foard, D. E., Kelley, S., Kitch, L., Shade, R. E., Shukle, R. H., and Wolfson, J. L. (1987). Comp. Biochem. ... 150, 1259a€”1265. Norstog, K. (1987). ... Edward Brothers, Ann Arbor, Michigan. Pickens, E. ... a€œDiagnostic Manual for the Identification of Insect Pathogens.a€ Plenum, Newanbsp;...

Title:The Mycoplasmas V5
Author:R Whitcomb
Publisher:Elsevier - 2012-12-02


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