The Mysterious Island Trilogy - The Original US Translation

The Mysterious Island Trilogy - The Original US Translation

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This carefully crafted ebook: a€œThe Mysterious Island Trilogy - The Original UK Translationa€ is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents. Mysterious Island by Jules Verne is subtitled Shipwrecked in the Air, The Abandoned and The Secret of the Island, includes Map and Glossary. The present translation is by Stephen W. White. It first appeared in the Evening Telegraph of Philadelphia, PA and was later published as an Evening Telegraph Reprint Book in 1876. English translators often altered their translations to suit current political views of Church and Empire. It is about six Northerns prisoners that flee Richmond during the American Civil War. Their escape is done by balloon and brings them to an inhabited island lost in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The book tells the tale of how these men survive. Jules Gabriel Verne (1828 a€“ 1905) was a French novelist, poet, and playwright best known for his adventure novels and his profound influence on the literary genre of science fiction.Thiswasno other than thehonorable Gideon Spilett, reportertothe New York Herald, who had been detailed to follow the fortunes of the war with the armies of the North. Gideon Spilett wasofthe raceof astonishing chroniclers, Englishoranbsp;...

Title:The Mysterious Island Trilogy - The Original US Translation
Author:Jules Verne
Publisher:e-artnow - 2014-02-27


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