The Myth of Sanity

The Myth of Sanity

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Why does a gifted psychiatrist suddenly begin to torment his own beloved wife? How can a ninety-pound woman carry a massive air conditioner to the second floor of her home, install it in a window unassisted, and then not remember how it got there? Why would a brilliant feminist law student ask her fiancAc to treat her like a helpless little girl? How can an ordinary, violence-fearing businessman once have been a gun-packing vigilante prowling the crime districts for a fight? A startling new study in human consciousness, The Myth of Sanity is a landmark book about forgotten trauma, dissociated mental states, and multiple personality in everyday life. In its groundbreaking analysis of childhood trauma and dissociation and their far-reaching implications in adult life, it reveals that moderate dissociation is a normal mental reaction to pain and that even the most extreme dissociative reaction-multiple personality-is more common than we think. Through astonishing stories of people whose lives have been shattered by trauma and then remade, The Myth of Sanity shows us how to recognize these altered mental states in friends and family, even in ourselves.To illustrate the limitations of consciousness, a distinguished science writer from Denmark, Tor NAcrretranders, has borrowed the term a€œuser illusiona€ from the field of computer science. The a€œuser illusiona€ is the way in which the user of aanbsp;...

Title:The Myth of Sanity
Author:Martha Stout
Publisher:Penguin - 2002-02-26


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