The Mythology of the Night Sky

The Mythology of the Night Sky

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The Mythology of the Night Sky is intended primarily for amateur astronomers who would like to know the mythology behind the names of constellations and planets. It deals with the 48 constellations identified by the ancient Greek astronomer Ptolemy, as well as all the planets of our solar system and their moons, which are named after Roman gods. To assist practical observers the book gives the location and description of each constellation, including named stars and deep-sky objects. Readers are encouraged to observe and image the constellations for themselves, and there is a lot of practical information in this book to help them along the way. In addition to providing a detailed (and mostly Greek) mythology of the constellations and the vast soap opera that was part of the Ancient Greek pantheon, this book also addresses the planets of the Solar System, which are named after the Roman - not Greek - gods.He presented Hercules with the most difficult and dangerous labor of all a€“ to descend into the depths of Hades and ... After leaving the dog on the shore of the river Styx he returned to Earth, elated that he had finally finished his 12 labors.

Title:The Mythology of the Night Sky
Author:David E. Falkner
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2011-08-28


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