The Nation's Health

The Nation's Health

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Summary: Presents a comprehensive overarching framework to portray the determinants of the nation s health and organize the major components of the Book. Then, under each major component, we present a more detailed framework capturing the essential elements of that particular component of the overarching framework. This would be an important new addition to the Book and will make better sense to the readers when approaching the reading materials. The book cross-links to Delivering Healthcare in the US and Essentials of the US Health Care System books so that the readings presented in this Book would also become background and supplemental readings of the two other textbooks. In front of each major component, a summary section highlights the major issues and challenges related to that component and provides a summary of the representative articles to follow. This helps readers clearly grasp the essential elements related to that component and understand the main objectives of each of the selected readings for that component. The Book will include both classic readings and new readings published within the last five years. New features: Introduces articles on healthcare delivery and interventions to address health determinants and improve population health from other countries in the world. Readers will benefit from learning from other countries in both healthcare delivery and health determinants interventions. Other positive features of the Book include: Limited use of tables and figures to allow readers to grasp the essence of the chapter without too much distraction The book can be used either stand-alone as a textbook or a secondary reader to a health care related course Courses will be found in: Schools of Public Health Department of Health Administration and Policy School of Nursing School of Medicine Allied Health Competitive Features: Timely / current Concise and easy-to-follow Well-organized Focusing on essentials of U.S. health care delivery Include lessons and experiences from foreign countries Inexpensive Qualifying Questions: a) Do your students have limited knowledge of U.S. health care? The book includes overviews and collection of articles that provide an introduction to the most essentials components of U.S. health care delivery at layman s terms. b) Is current information important in your teaching? The book provides relevantly current articles on important components of U.S. health care delivery. Its relatively short-length facilitates quick updates from year to year. c) Is coherence important to you and your students? The book uses a comprehensive framework to organize the parts and chapters. Its limited use of tables and figures does not cause too much a slow-down .qLeiyu Shi, Professor Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Baltimore Maryland Director Johns Hopkins Primary Care ... Hardware problems and software bugs are more common than they should be, especially in a high- risk field such as medicine. ... Such errors are not easily found by a technical analysis ofanbsp;...

Title:The Nation's Health
Author:Leiyu Shi, Professor Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Baltimore Maryland Director Johns Hopkins Primary Care Policy Center Leiyu Shi, Associate Professor of Management School of Business and Economics Indiana University at South Bend Douglas A Singh, Douglas A. Singh
Publisher:Jones & Bartlett Publishers - 2011-06-24


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