The Nerdist Way

The Nerdist Way

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Nerd superstar Chris Hardwick offers his fellow qcreative obsessivesq crucial information needed to come out on top in the current Nerd uprising. As a lifelong member of qThe Nerd Herd, q as he calls it, Chris Hardwick has learned all there is to know about Nerds. Developing a system, blog, and podcasts, Hardwick shares hard-earned wisdom about turning seeming weakness into world-dominating strengths in the hilarious self-help book, The Nerdist Way. From keeping their heart rate below hummingbird levels to managing the avalanche of sadness that is their in-boxes; from becoming evil geniuses to attracting wealth by turning down work, Hardwick reveals the secrets that can help readers achieve their goals by tapping into their true nerdtastic selves. Here Nerds will learn how to: Become their own time cop Tell panic attacks to go suck it Use incremental fitness to ward off predators A Nerd's brain is a laser-it's time they learn to point and fire!The idea of goal achievement is really about breaking larger goals into smaller, bite-size goals that collectively draw you toward the larger one. ... If you have an iPhone, pick up Rex Box and Super Mono Studiosa#39; Epic Win app ( epic win), which does pretty much the ... Make it your Image Ideal or your Ironic Image Ideal (my Xbox avatar is an Indian guy with a face mole and a leather vest) . Doanbsp;...

Title:The Nerdist Way
Author:Chris Hardwick
Publisher:Penguin - 2011-11-01


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