The Nest Newlywed Handbook

The Nest Newlywed Handbook

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If only the answer to every marital question were as easy as a€œI do!a€ For many couples the challenges of planning their nuptials are a piece of (wedding) cake compared to what comes after: How do we merge our financesa€”or do we? Do we need to spend every free minute together? And how do we decide where to spend our first Thanksgiving? Online wedding community was fielding so many questions like these from their newly married members that they were inspired to create an entirely new sitea€”TheNest.coma€”dedicated to the unique issues that face people in the first few years of marriage. A 24/7 virtual married-best-friend-whoa€™s-been-there-before, the site and its thousands of just-married members dish out advice on everything from how to get your permanent roommate to pick up his or her dirty socks, to how to inspect a property when youa€™re buying your first home, to foolproof guidelines for entertaining the in-laws. Unlike single friends (who dona€™t have the experience to give tried and true advice) or Mom (who has lots of experience but tends to give too much advice), Nesties share their experiences with no strings attacheda€”and free of the worries that come with real-world friendship. Now the editors of The Nest have brought together the very best of this hard-won knowledge, plus their own astute insights into the early years of marriage, to create a unique resource for navigating the sometimes bumpy road of marriage. Touching on everything from money to sex and starting a family, they go where no etiquette book or self-help manual has gone before, providing real-life solutions for the myriad problems even the happiest couple can encounter when two become one. The first in a series of books for any couple who wants every day of their new lives together to be as fulfilling and meaningful as the day they walked down the aisle, The Nest Newlywed Handbook goes beyond platitudes and pep talks to explore the many rich rewards of married life. An offshoot of the hugely popular wedding website The Knot, The Nest started out as an online community of girls grappling with the emotional issuesa€”and enormous to-do listsa€”that come with the first years of marriage. The Nest has grown into a weekly webzine, a print magazine, and now a book seriesa€”all 100% committed to the phrase a€œhappily ever after.a€ Visit us at Secrets every couple needs to know, from the website that put marriage on the map Whether youa€™re about to tie the knot or are already well into your first years together, you are sure to have realized that this is not your parentsa€™ marriage. Oh, how the rulesa€”and rolesa€”have changed. Who does the housework now that everyone works? If you want to keep your money separatea€”does it mean youa€™re not committed? Is it OK to order takeout when the in-laws come for dinner? The Nest Newlywed Handbook is your road map to modern married life, guiding you through the ins and outs of tackling life as a twosome. Get tips and tricks on: a€cMerging your money (or not) a€cBuilding the family fortune a€cLoving your in-laws a€cBuying your first home a€cDecorating as a duo a€cDivvying up the chores a€cKeeping the flame alive a€cFighting nicely a€cTalking about kids a€cMaintaining your single friends a€cHosting during the holidays a€cFiguring out the future This book is filled with advice, detailed to-dos, checklists, quizzes, and worksheets that are sure to spark conversations, fix problems, and get your new life together on track and off to a good start.An Ownera#39;s Manual for Modern Married Life Carley Roney ... To bring these customs into the twenty-first century, wea#39;ve compiled a gifting array that spans both the classic and the modern. ... High-performance luxury sedan: pressed-tin ceiling MODERN: Trip to Tinseltown; Grand Canyon tour via ultralight aircraft Keep a locianbsp;...

Title:The Nest Newlywed Handbook
Author:Carley Roney
Publisher:Clarkson Potter - 2013-02-13


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