The New Consumers

The New Consumers

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While overconsumption by the developed world's roughly one billion inhabitants is an abiding problem, another one billion increasingly affluent qnew consumersq in developing countries will place additional strains on the earth's resources, argue authors Norman Myers and Jennifer Kent in this important new book. The New Consumers examines the environmental impacts of this increased consumption, with particular focus on two commodities -- cars and meat -- that stand to have the most far-reaching effects. It analyzes consumption patterns in a number of different countries, with special emphasis on China and India (whose surging economies, as well as their large populations, are likely to account for exceptional growth in humanity's ecological footprint), and surveys big-picture issues such as the globalization of economies, consumer goods, and lifestyles. Ultimately, according to the orman Myers and Jennifer Kent, the challenge will be for all of humanity to transition to sustainable levels of consumption, for it is unrealistic to expect qnewq consumers not to aspire to be like the qoldq ones. Cogent in its analysis, The New Consumers issues a timely warning of a major and developing environmental trend, and suggests valuable strategies for ameliorating its effects.This latter is not only an ideal but an imperative, and it illustrates the thesis that there is a growing convergence between the idealist ... The strategy requires that materials-intensive products be redesigned for repair, reuse, renovation, remanufacturing, and, as a last resort, recycling. ... Several leading corporations such as DuPont, Dow Chemical, Honda, and Panasonic see it as a powerful mode to gainanbsp;...

Title:The New Consumers
Author:Norman Myers, Jennifer Kent
Publisher:Island Press - 2013-04-10


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