The New Frugality

The New Frugality

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As the recession deepens, with a downturn in spending, rise in defaulting mortgages and throttling of credit, a Go-Go economy has transitioned to a Uh-Oh economy. How did we get here and what does it mean for individuals and families? The New Frugality lays out how Americans have overspent-and offers a way out through consuming less and saving more-showing that living simply is not just living qcheaply.q What is required is a paradigm shift. We need to learn to live more modestly by cutting back on spending, actually attempting to live within our means and increasing savings. Farrell outlines creative new ways of thinking that can help us to accomplish this, not just by reverting to earlier financial models, but by innovating new solutions that are appropriate to the times we live in. In some ways, The New Frugality is the fiscal equivalent of the green movement; and indeed, going green is also part of the project. In The New Frugality Farrell will show where the economy is going, how it will affect regular families, and how they can weather the storm.A home-equity loan (also called a second mortgage) is a lump sum of money. You pay it back regularly over time, just like a mortgage. A home-equity line of credit allows you to write a check (or use a special credit card) whenever you need toanbsp;...

Title:The New Frugality
Author:Chris Farrell
Publisher:Bloomsbury Publishing USA - 2010-08-19


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