The New Guide to Astrology

The New Guide to Astrology

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This book is a bestseller in Italy, having sold over 50, 000 copies from 1979 to the present. What is the secret of such a success? And, first of all, is it a success? I think it is. The secret, if there is one, is probably my lucky disposition, among my few qualities, to share my knowledge in Astrology in a very clear way. I think that this almost complete manual has gained the appreciation of my readers, perhaps because through a simple, elementary, and clear language, I have tried to lead many neophytes from absolute ignorance of the subject to a good average level of knowledge. While I was working on this book there was always a strong will to explain the many chapters of this manual as if I was addressing school children. In the thirty-two years of its life, this book has shaped many generations of astrologers, and a lot of people have continuously gratified me for this work, insisting on what has been considered by almost everyone to be the greatest quality of this book: its accessibility. Why do I wish to present this volume to my international readers and, in particular, to my American readers after thirty-two years? If you allow me, I'd like to conduct a little test on you. I'd like to ask you a few things. - Do you know that your astrological sign can be your Solar sign or your qcompensatedq Solar sign (since many people act like those who have opposite characteristics to their Solar sign)? - Do you know that a high percentage of Aquarians becomes deaf or almost deaf in old age? - Do you know that the 11th House is more mournful than the 8th House? - Do you know that the 11th House is like the 7th House but a level weaker? - Do you know that the hard-disks of computers can be correlated to the 4th House? - Do you know that blindness or serious eye problems are attributable to the 6th and the 12th Houses? - Do you know that the second part of life is linked to the 4th House? - Do you know that a Celestial works contemporarily in two Houses when it is within 2, 5 degrees from the cusp of a House? - Do you know... - Do you know... - Do you know... Actually, these, and many other truths that I discovered studying the subject for over forty years, examining the Natal Chart of tens of thousand people, are explained in this book and I would like to share them with you. I don't ask you, dear Reader, to believe in these sentences based on faith alone: I ask you to check every astrological law contained in the pages of this volume and if you find Truth, fine, otherwise I advise you to throw away my New Guide To Astrology. Many parts of the book differ from the Italian edition. Moreover I have added some tables and, in particular, complete Tables of Houses from 0 to 65 North Latitude, every 15 minutes of Sideral Time. The chapters of the Italian edition that were written to calculate Italian Natal Charts, have been here re-focused to particularly calculate the Natal Charts of people who were born in the USA. In my opinion this book will be of interest to international students because I have added one hundred example Natal Charts of famous or not-so-famous people which will demonstrate the reliability of the many rules described in these pages. The volume comprises many other chapters such as The Dispositors, The Dominant, A Short Chapter on Astronomy, A Short Chapter on the History of Astrology, The Interpretation of the Natal Chart, A Short Chapter on Synastry, A Short Chapter on the Analysis of Events, Colours, Metals, Plants and Stones, A Short Dictionary of Astrological Terms, etc.This book is a bestseller in Italy, having sold over 50, 000 copies from 1979 to the present.

Title:The New Guide to Astrology
Author:Ciro Discepolo
Publisher:Createspace Independent Pub - 2011-05-01


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