The New Laws of the Stock Market Jungle

The New Laws of the Stock Market Jungle

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To survive in the jungle, you must recognize thesubtle nuances that signal danger and opportunity. That's how it is inthe stock market, too. But the market's radically changed: followyesterday's signals and you'll get eaten alive. The New Laws of theStock Market Jungle systematically explains what's new -- and what itmeans to investors. Michael J. Panzner illuminates the impact ofchanging technologies, market participants, investment time horizons, speculative behavior, investor psychology, risk preferences, pricepatterns, performance metrics, and more. For the unaware, these changesmake the market far more treacherous. For those who know, they offerimmense opportunities. Join those who know: read this book.What happens under those circumstances is, during a broad market rally, shares with a relatively large short interest tend to rise at an accelerated pace compared to those with somewhat less exposure. As a result, operators may beanbsp;...

Title:The New Laws of the Stock Market Jungle
Author:Michael J. Panzner
Publisher:Pearson Education - 2004-06-29


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